Culture and history in Salbertrand- Let’s discover together the Colombano Romean Ecomuseum and the Glorious Repatriation | Saturday, June 22, 2024

2024-06-11T10:02:47+02:0011 June 2024|Trip|

Loop tour along the route of the "Colombano Romean" Ecomuseum , between the village of Salbertrand and the Gran Bosco Park, where the Glorious Repatriation route passes. More information about the "Columban Romean" Ecomuseum: Departure 9:30 a. m. in the heart of the village of Salbertrand, at Hotel Dieu (88 Via Roma) Minimum height

Costapiana di Pragelato, where the Waldensians saw the valleys again – Sunday, Aug. 13, 2023

2023-08-08T10:23:08+02:008 August 2023|Trip|

New trip up to the Costapiana pass in the Chisone Valley! In August 1689 the Waldensians, returning from exile, arrived at Costapiana above Pragelato. Before them was the spectacle of the Waldensian Valleys that they had been forced, by the army of the Savoy and the king of France, to abandon three years earlier. From

Talking walk with horn, bagpipes and bagpipe – Saturday, June 29, 2023

2023-07-25T10:12:49+02:0025 July 2023|Trip|

New walk together in Prali! The Roads of the Forts continues with a special event that ties together by a double thread the pleasure of an easy hike, the passion for the history of our mountains and the love of music. The Talking Walk with horn, bagpipe and bagpipe starts in the morning from the

A walk of discovery from Fenestrelle to Fort Mutin – Sunday, June 4, 2023

2024-06-11T10:44:32+02:0029 May 2023|Trip|

Walking can be a way of getting to know. Fort Mutin (built beginning in 1694), in Fenestrelle was a place of defense for the French army and may prove to be an excellent place today to observe and "feel" the history of a valley that has been French and Waldensian. That it has endured, and

Community outing “On the Waldensian Road”

2022-12-02T00:13:01+01:001 October 2021|Metting, Trip|

This Sunday, August 1, we look forward to seeing you in Fenestrelle for a day full of events! THE WALK. Departure: 9:30 a.m. from the Fair Square in Fenestrelle Itinerary: Fenestrelle-Laux di Usseaux along the ancient road up the valley on the orographic right. Difficulty: easy, 200 m elevation

Community outing “On the Steps of the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians”

2022-12-02T00:13:01+01:0012 September 2021|Glorious Repatriation, Trip|

Historical walk. As per the program, as part of the 300th anniversary of Henri Arnaud's death, the Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation in collaboration with the Cottian Alps Parks Management Board is organizing a historical walk from the Allevè hamlet of Pragelato up to the Costapiana Pass along the Glorious Repatriation Route. Accompanying you

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