New trip up to the Costapiana pass in the Chisone Valley!

In August 1689 the Waldensians, returning from exile, arrived at Costapiana above Pragelato. Before them was the spectacle of the Waldensian Valleys that they had been forced, by the army of the Savoy and the king of France, to abandon three years earlier. From there the battle to regain the right to live on their lands began again.

The route will be approached starting from the Allevè hamlet of Pragelato and arriving in Costapiana, accompanied by a nature guide and readers who, along the way thanks to their animations related to the moments that the Waldensians experienced in those tragic and glorious events of 1689, will make hikers emotionally involved.


To describe these “forts” and the landscapes they passed through, there will also be a guidebook of the

Cottian Alps Parks



Departure 9:00 a.m. from Borgata Allevè

Height difference: 500m+

Cost: 5 euro


Reservation required at the
EMVG-Ecomuseum Mines
(by 11/08)
phone 0121-806987


N.B. Payment will be made at the departure of the visit.

In case of bad weather, the Walk will be postponed to another date.


The project ‘Fortified Landscape, in the Evolution of the Historical Relationship between Piedmont and France. The Roads of the Forts’ is carried out with the support of the
Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation
as part of the ‘In Luce’ call for proposals. Enhancing and narrating the cultural identities of territories.