From today you can purchase the Credential of “The Roads of the Waldenses”!

But what is the credential?

The credential is the hiker’s “passport” that attests to his identity and distinguishes him from any other traveler. Inside, in addition to various information, there are spaces for stamps attesting to the passage at certain key points of itineraries in ITALY.

The credential, issued by the Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation, can be purchased for €5 (+ shipping) directly at the Foundation office or by emailing Once completed, in addition to being a valuable memento of the experience, the credential gives the opportunity for free admission to the Waldensian Museum in Torre Pellice.

The sale of credentials supports the activities of The Roads of the Waldenses and Huguenots.

Where will people be able to have their credential stamped?

The credential can be enriched with 12 personalized stamps so that it becomes a precious reminder of the effort and joy of the journey. The stamps will be affixed by tourist offices and other private entities, specially delegated by the Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation itself, located along the routes.

The intent behind this project is to have a greater exchange on the ground between those who walk and those who live there. After all, having a common growth from the passage along the route was the declared intent of the project “The Waldensian and Huguenot Roads” since its inception and was made explicit in the “Charter of Values” that is foundational to the European route born in 2013. With the Credential a further step can be taken.

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Happy walking!