Walking can be a way of getting to know.

Fort Mutin (built beginning in 1694), in Fenestrelle was a place of defense for the French army and may prove to be an excellent place today to observe and “feel” the history of a valley that has been French and Waldensian. That it has endured, and seen pass, the Crusader and Savoy armies. It will be a walk that will be talking, because in addition to the footsteps you will also hear the words of the people who over time endured the armies that passed through the valley, and it will be one of discovery because you will look around and discover nature and the plants that make it up.

The walk, organized by the
Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation
, will start from Fenestrelle and then ascend the short trail that leads to Fort Mutin, located right in front of the splendid Fenestrelle Fort.


Accompanying the group was nature guide Emanuela Durand. Historical readings by the Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation.


Departure 2:30 p.m.

Arrival 5 p.m.

Duration : 2 1/2 hours

Ideal for families

Cost: 5 euro


Reservations required at the
EMVG-Ecomuseum Mines
(by 3/06)
phone 0121-806987


N.B. Payment will be made at the departure of the visit.

In case of bad weather, the Walk will be postponed to another date.


The project ‘Fortified Landscape, in the Evolution of the Historical Relationship between Piedmont and France. The Roads of the Forts’ is carried out with the support of the
Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation
as part of the ‘In Luce’ call for proposals. Enhancing and narrating the cultural identities of territories.