In fact, at its online meeting last Saturday, December 4, the international assembly decided on a handover between France and Italy with the
Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation
which will fill this important role for the next three years.

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“It is a matter,” says Davide Rosso, director of the Ccv Foundation, “of coordinating activities related to the itinerary conducted at the international level, and preparing in 2024 the application file for the renewal of certification to the itinerary by the Council of Europe.

The international organization then also confirmed its intent to develop a project to study how knowledge passed between 600′ and 700′ from one region of Europe to another with regard to craftsmanship, as well as plants, their cultivation and consumption as a result of the forced migrations of the Waldensians and the Reformed of France.

1f1eb_1f1f7.pngAssociation nationale “Sur les pas des Huguenots.

1f1e8_1f1ed.png Sur les pas des huguenots et des vaudois du piemont

1f1e9_1f1ea.pngDer Weg in die Freiheit: Hugenotten- und Waldenserpfad